Save videos, GIFs, and images of specified users

No need to delete the @ in the username. A link (URL) is also accepted.

What is TwiDropper?

TwiDropper is a free web tool that allows you to download videos, GIFs and images from Twitter on your iPhone, Android or PC. You can choose whether to save the file to your device or Dropbox.

TwiDropper consists of three independent services (for tweets, for users, and for DMs). Please select one from the tabs at the top.

It is prohibited by Japanese law to download videos which have been uploaded without the permission of the copyright holder. Do not engage in illegal downloading.

How to use

View video
  1. Tap “” in the upper right corner of the profile, and then tap “Share @username” and tap “Copy link to profile”
  2. Go to TwiDropper (this page)
  3. Paste the URL you copied in step 1 into the input form and tap “Show”
  4. Tap the button below the displayed videos, GIFs, and images

Supported browsers

iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Safari (iOS 13 and above)  Shortcut
The latest version of Chrome, Firefox
  • Chrome 42 and above
  • Firefox 39 and above
  • Edge 14 and above
  • Safari 10.1 and above